Meine Bäckerei

Das Storeobjekt von EA Konditorei köstlich habe ich mir gekauft

– und ich musste mir natürlich sofort selbst eine bauen (Downloadlink siehe unten). 😉

Diese Bäckerei ist so realistisch, du musst die Backwaren tatsächlich selbst backen. Ist totaler Stress, weil die Kunden sofort die Regale leer kaufen.

Zum Backen gibt es zwei Möglichkeiten. Zu Hause Backofen aufstellen, Vorrat backen und dann in der Bäckerei aus dem Rucksack in die Kühltheken stellen.

Zweite Möglichkeit in der Bäckerei backen und die Backwaren auf einer Küchen-Theke (ohne Teppich darunter!) hinstellen. Dann im Kaufmodus die Backwaren von dort in die Kühltheken schieben.

Ich habe meinen Bäcker mal 24 Stunden backen lassen (die Ware muss immer wieder in den Kühlschrank sonst wird sie schlecht) und habe ihn dann mit vollem Rucksack in die Bäckerei geschickt, wo die Kundschaft schon wartete. Kaum hatte er die Waren in die Kühltheken gestellt waren sie auch schon verkauft.
Hilfsweise habe ich inzwischen 2 Theken ohne Teppich hingestellt, damit er in der Bäckerei noch backen kann um für spätere Kunden auch noch Ware zu haben. Er stellt die fertigen Waren dann auf die Backstubentheke und man kann diese Waren dann auch nur noch über Kaufmodus verschieben.

Jeder Sim, der die Bäckerei besucht, kann dort auch selbst backen. Man kann die Bäckerei auch käuflich erwerben, macht aber wenig Sinn, weil der Gewinn immer auf des Konto deiner aktiven Sims geht (ähnlich wie beim Kaufladen).
Es gibt Kühltheken für die Kuchen, die sonst im Nu „grün“ vor sich hingammeln, Regale für das Brot und Verkaufsteppiche, die unter Kühltheke, Regal oder den Tisch für die Torten kommen (die passen nämlich nicht in die Theke). Manchmal kaufen die Kunden aber auch, ohne dass die Teppiche unter den Theken/Regalen stehen. Vielleicht sind die Teppiche nur für andere Regale oder Tische da. Keine Ahnung. Lustig geht es auf jeden Fall in der Bäckerei zu (dank der Grundstückseigenschaft „Treffpunkt“). Sobald eine Kasse auf der Theke steht, kommt auch das Verkaufspersonal und du kannst Öffnungszeiten und Verkaufspreise festlegen.

Nicht wundern, in der Nacht verschwinden alle Brot- und Kuchenreste wie von Geisterhand aus dem Regal.Wie im richtigen Leben. 🙂

Wie man sieht, sehr vielfältig in der Ausführung. Natürlich kann man sich den Backofen auch in die eigene Küche stellen und einfach nur für die Familie backen.

Anmerkung: Kühltheken brauchen keinen Verkaufsteppich; Regale, Tische und Küchentheken brauchen Verkaufsteppiche! In der Bäckerei nicht vor drei Uhr nachts backen denn um drei Uhr verschwinden alle Backwaren! Nichteigentümer können nur mit dem AK-Cheat in den Baumodus der Bäckerei, Eigentümer müssen auf Kartenansicht und dort Immobilie anklicken. Wer all dies vermeiden möchte baut eine größere Theke direkt neben dem Backofen oder der Backstube, dann legt der Bäcker die Kuchen dort ab und die Kunden können direkt von dort kaufen. Geht aber nur wenn genügend Käufer im Laden sind.


Ich habe mir gleich neben die Bäckerei ein 10×10 Grundstück mit dem Bäckerhäuschen gebaut, damit er mit seinem Kuchen schnell zu Fuß in die Bäckerei laufen kann.

Download von meinem Server:   Die alte Bäckerei

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  1. LOL! “I don’t decorate the house before the walls have been framed.” Perfect expression. Good one, Chris R.I try to explain context to clients who want me to design their ebook covers. The flavor of the story or book has to be part of the design. Thanks for the article, John. Brilliant as always. But please give us more videos. Love your video tutorials!

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  6. Minnie, you’re welcome! They make great desktop wallpaper, too. Kyle, if I made them tile, they’d have to be big files—not quite ideal for web downloading—but I’d like to give it a shot! As for software, all it took was Photoshop. Broch, thank you so much for sharing the fact that you, too, had to wear itchy home-made clothes!

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  9. > Alex:Gramsci, oui, bien sûr. Il était dans mon « et d’autres » , pas très loin de Guy Debord.PS : les « têtes blondes » parce que les cellules qui fabriquent la mélanine, chez la plupart des enfants européens (caucasiens), ne sont pas fonctionnelles. Elles ne le deviennent en général que vers l’adolescence (c’est aussi pour ça qu’ils sont plus sensibles au soleil). Les jeunes enfants ont donc le plus souvent des cheveux plus clairs que leurs parents.

  10. Enjoy it? Not likely. But ignoring it is possible. Just living with it… the way that northerners live with cold and blizzards and southerners live with heat and humidity. And isn’t this precisely what you have in mind? A system in which the political class goes about its business and the rest of us go about our own? No need to be „involved“. No point in being „concerned“. Just pay the rent and live in peace.

  11. We men only get better with time. If we take care of our physical bodies, we can produce far longer than the ladies. Basically, we need to value ourselves as men and realize that we built this nation. Not saying, we don’t need the ladies by our side but men need to step up and embrace who they are. Realize their strength and the importance of their strength. I see too many of men taking a more submissive role in today’s society.

  12. This post will be sent to all my perplexed non-Jewish Conservative friends who agonize over why most American Jews seem to vote liberal no matter what. Also, please, please, please get yourself a good proofreader!! You write quickly and brilliantly, but not necessarily accurately. Too many typos spoil the meaning. For example: "This is how I grew up, and while for many, the Liberal Jew in the norm," Don't you mean "is" the norm? Or do you mean "in the main"? See what I mean?

  13. un argomento molto interessante che è stato introdotto da poco come elemento di discussione in italia…la prima riflessione seria che ho avuto modo di leggere, a riguardo, è stata quella contenuta nell'ultima parte del libro di michela fusaschi "quando il corpo è delle altre", dove si parla di designer vagina e ci si interroga su "siamo poi così sicure che sia una reale scelta"? grazie vi, a presto 🙂

  14. je ne lai pas lu,jai achete le ebook jrme (ne suis meme pas sur que cest m.Boilard qui la ecrit lol)bref,jvais atendre de pouvoir lacheter car du peu que jen ai lu il a lair super et un grand merci a marc boilard ma vie change et mes idees sur le couple aussi!merci mille fois dexister et de nous offrir ca Marc!

  15. "Estão fartos de falir", cara Lesma Morta. Olhe que eu acho que isso é mentira. Se não é, desafio-o a dar-me um exemplo que seja de um estabelecimento que tenha falido na zona. Se não conseguir fazê-lo vou ter que tomar a sua afirmação como uma mentira pura e simples.Permita-me ainda cumprimentá-lo pelo domínio semântico, lexical e ortográfico da língua portuguesa patente na sua resposta.

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  17. I’m fashionably late! I don’t have any of THOSE stock pictures on my site! No freakin’ way! I went with less popular ones;-) And I have to agree that I’m sick of seeing all the “freedom” “open to the world” “it’s in the palm of your hand” stock pics…including the lady in the green dress.

  18. Field…it is House Negro behavior to only use information that supports a a position that you already show bias ( big defender of the Jewish people ). Field, I really thought you were a big defender for truth and righteousness . I'm amazed that you would take a partisan position on such a issue. You remind me of one of my favorite attorneys (Alan Dershowitz). I agree with his reasoning and logic on just about everything…but any jewish person or institution that may do wrong he still supports uncritically it is maddening to think you are his psychic twin.Death by paint guns….wow!!

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  23. Betsy, this is awesome!!! Thanks for the inspiration and ideas. I’m going to do this, because I NEVER give up something for Lent. It’s like New Year’s Resolutions – hmmmm, haven’t made one of those for years also! I did try giving up nagging for Lent one year – lasted 2 whole days!! Thanks again –

  24. This was very good for me to read. Master and i have a complete TPE, and that includes financial control. W/we only have difficulties when i don’t understand what is going on and where we are at in O/our journey. Thankfully, this part of O/our journey is drawing to a close and W/we will be rid of the hindrance in O/our life very soon. My Master is also very clever with money and I never have to suffer from a lack of trust in Him ever, in any aspect of O/our D/s relationship. He is truly a World Class Grand Master and my Hero!! i love Him.

  25. Which class was that in law school? Self enrichment; using perjury successfully; developing a sound approach to your future law practice. Is it the NY lawyer’s training (nurture) or his nature (dishonest)? At least they have Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of crooked lawyers and judges, to pray to. Please, Saint Andrew, hear our wailing cry; save us from the justice of the honest.

  26. ola, sou Vania Paixão e moro em Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, ES.Sei q nossa familia se originou na Europa, entre Espanha e Portugal. Sei tbm q os Paixões eram bem fortes em todo o territorio da Catalúnia, inclusive participaram das guerras entre o governo espanhol e os Catalões, lutando pra se tornarem um estado independente.Acho q a Alini pode ser uma parente bem proxima…Qq novidade, me add em

  27. Karen,I just read that book during Lent. I’ve only been to six Pascha services (and only 4 as an Orthodox Christian), but that book made certain words and phrases and nuances jump out at me through Holy Week. I may try to revisit it next Lent, too!Christ is risen!Jamey

  28. Hola, que bien que le enseñes otros idiomas a tu hijo y que pases tiempo de calidad con él. Educar no es solamente no dejar que vea la tele, sería mejor si le enseñas a ser una personita madura que después aprenda cómo elegir, no solamente aislarse de lo nocivo.

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  31. Cred ca 90% dintre persoanele cu care am vorbit pe tema inteligentei artificiale cred ca unul dintre primele “ganduri” ale AI-ului va vi cum sa ne distruga&stuff. De ce sa ne distruga? Si de ce inteligenta artificiala trebuie sa aiba neaparat ceva rau in ea? Alexandru Pleologu spunea ca tendintele distructive si inteligenta sunt total incompatibile … deci in cazul in care AI-ul pe care il vom crea va fi ceea de ce ne temem insemna ca am produs un AI cu bug-uri

  32. Like Peter, my mom’s words had a strong impact on my life. I can still hear her say “Maria, when you give you get just as much back.” She led my example…I would see her every week, for years, going over to a neighbour’s house (whose mom passed away) with a pot of homemade soup…they still talked about her kindness. Giving is not just financially. Sometimes going out of your way to talk to someone, giving of your time, will have an impact on their life and yours!

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  42. this over at Elephant already, but I salute you: I have chronic pain (much lower level than yours, an iffy back) and I know that it can be depressing, exhausting, and debilitating. I can’t imagine getting through life with a higher level of pain, like what you live with. You are awesome!

  43. Oh, lecker! Gestern im Radio hat man sich drüber gewundert, ob man Maroni in hiesigen Gefilden finden kann. Leider ist das wohl in und um Berlin nicht der Fall. Hier gibt es nur gewöhnliche Kastanien. Die allerdings, so hab ich gelernt, sind eigentlich gar keine ECHTEN Kastanien, sondern nur wegen ihrer Ähnlichkeit zur Edelkastanie (Esskastanie, Maroni) so genannt! Man lernt nie aus 😉

  44. Who has seen 2012? That was interesting. The smartest, kindest and most educated and intellectual characters were all blacks or non-whites. The whotes were either evil or hillbillies. It was just too obvious. but only one person commented about it on IMDB among the many commenters. People just accept this racism as normal.

  45. Eh bien ça ne m’êmpêchera de racheter une Peugeot quand le besoin s’en fera sentir. Contrairement aux fadaises qui tournent en boucle dans les médias – la fameuse « Deutch Qualitat » des… Opel par exemple, presque toutes fabriquées hors d’Allemagne, pour le compte d’une marque américaine, GM… – les voitures françaises sont de bonnes voitures, les Peugeot notamment.Cessons donc de nous auto-dénigrer en permanence !

  46. CB / I stumbled upon your posts and I must say. You are on the mark, inspiring, but most of all…brilliant!You have stirred up many thoughts as a reaction to the handful of what I’ve read, and that is a good thing. You are a rare bird!

  47. Just saw you on FOX and friends and I have to say WELL DONE, I have 3 children who have the same views with the majority of this country and youAs I tell my teenage boy and younger children, never let the hateful bigots from the left/media/Hollywood of this country close you down or shut you up as people died and/or risked their life for that right of freedom of speech as my husband did.Ignore those haters , its their problem that they cannot understand the majority have a different view to them.Take care.

  48. As much as you like to call is that, we are not pro-abortion. No one is pro-abortion. We are pro-choice. Pro-abortion would be if we wanted everyone to have abortions. All the time. No more babies, only abortions. I promote abortion to all pregnant women. I have them sometimes when I’m not even pregnant I’m so pro-abortion! It is pro-choice. I believe in a womans right to chose an abortion if it is right for her, or not have an abortion if it is wrong for her. And we pro-choice women are not stupid. I know what being pregnant means. I know it is a fetus.

  49. Grymt, det låter ju som att intresset finns. Jag ska försöka klura ut hur man smidigast styr upp något vettigt.gamingmama: Ja, vi kanske får börja köar med underksrifter. Dock vill man ju veta vem som skriver innan man börjar läsa :OFår kanske bli när jag får tummen ur och skapar en ny design :)Henke: Bra tips! Får se om jag hinner vara med.

  50. I’ve been reading Sunday Summary for quite awhile but haven’t got back here since Awesome weekend and our holiday but I will begin to read again. I enjoy reading about your week and your take on the sermon at graceat6. It also gives me prayer points to pray for you. Lesley.

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  58. Funny… it’s often the unanswered questions that prompts us forward, maybe further searching, maybe the unsettling feeling drives us out of our complacency. And one thing we’re sure, we will always ‘look through the glass darkly’ this side of heaven. I just have to learn how to live with an unanswered condition, for now.

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