Castaway (En)

How it started:

The strange story of Robinson Simmer

He’s sitting with friends in the bar of Oasis Springs and celebrating the start of his new life in Willow Creek. His father bought him a lovely home in Willow Creek and his bank account is well filled. Starting tomorrow, he will work in his father’s business as a senior manager. But today is celebrated. The cocktails flow freely and eventually he falls asleep in an armchair.

He wakes up with a growling stomach and looks around confused. „Where am I?“ he murmurs. He searches in his pocket for his cell phone and found a large envelope addressed to him.

My dear son, („that is the signature of my father“)

just you have graduated from college and had to never work for your livelihood because of my assets . Before you now start your work on the top floor business, I think it is advisable that you first of all begin life from the very bottom and it will learn that there is no success without own performance.

Open this envelope and follow all instructions carefully, then you’re very quickly with us. You can leave only when you have met all conditions on this island.

I wish you every success and look forward to see you again as soon as possible.

your father

    You have to start with gardening, wood working and fishing.

    There are plants, a workbench and a fishing spot waiting for you.
    When you reach level 5 at every skill new items start arriving. (see: ARRIVING ITEMS)

    Eat the harvestables or use the fireplace to cook fish.
    To wash your Sims, or empty their bladder you have to build a toilet and bathtub through wood working.

    When you reach level 5 at gardening, wood working and fishing, the first item arrives
    In this case it’s the chest to store your collectables.

    2. You get the Yoga Mat two Sims days afterwards.
    3. Shower: After Reaching Level 5 in the Wellness Skill
    4. Two Sims days after getting the shower.
    5. You get the bed after reaching Level 3 at Charisma.
    ppp6. Easel: Three Sims days after getting the bed.
    7. You get the bar after reaching Level 5 in the Painting Skill.
    8. Punching bag after reaching Level 5 in the Mixology Skill.
    9. Cooking Equipment after reaching Level 5 in the Fitness Skill.
    10. Chess Table after reaching Level 5 in the Cooking Skill.

    You’re only allowed to place walls, floors, doors and windows and only in a wooden look.
    The rest of the furniture is either gained through the arriving items (see: ARRIVING ITEMS) or the wooden workbench.

    AFTER REACHING LEVEL 10 in the WOOD WORKING SKILL you are allowed to get kitchen cabinets for the cooking skill.

    AFTER REACHING LEVEL 10 in the GARDENING SKILL you are allowed to place down plants and stones from the build/buy mode.

    Adding a house to your island also means, taking away some of the trees. Feel free to do that.

    If you place a roof, use the hay/wheat texture.


    The end is achieved when you reach Level 10 in the logic skill (through chess table)

    Now, you may leave the island.

    source challengetext: Sims 4-Challenge von Nando ____ Simscommunity

1. week
Robinson experienced somewhat confused by on the island. Since he is a nature freak, he likes what he sees. He read again the instructions and then grabs the watering can to water the plants and then picks the ripe apple from the tree. Really fed up they do not do it. Then he lies down in the tent to sleep. In the next few days he tried on the wooden bench and it also manages to catch a few small fish and fry over a fire. Only one problem burdened him already in the first week very much. There are no toilets on the island and no shower. Only a small stone sink. Because he has learned from childhood, never to relieve himself outdoors, it happens more than once a shameful mishap. He feels like it so uncomfortable that he is not capable for one to two hours to work.

2. week

The second week passes with fishing, eating fish, gardening and work on the workbench. He learns more and more to finally get the first reward object, a chest, in which he can keep plants and herbs. When fishing, he receives the seed of a cow-plant he implants immediately. He is very amused when he sees how the plant turns.

3. week

The cow-plant was not a good idea. Whenever he is as hungry as, she considers him a piece of cake out. When accessing she swallowed him and then spits him out again. After that, he feels empty and awful. Nevertheless, he gets this week two rewards: a yoga mat and finally a shower.

4. week

The fourth week brings him three rewards:. A bed, an easel and a small bar. We’d rather not talk about the rest. There are still no toilet!

5. week

Robinson worked hard on his skills, especially at the workbench! He he gets a punching bag for his fitness skills. Finally, on the last day of this week it’s time. He can finally build his toilet. A greater happiness one has rarely seen.


Fishing and eating fish. Robinson does not like more fish, but there is nothing else. Not yet! Fitness Level 5 change his eating habits. He gets a stove, a refrigerator and a kitchen counter. There are now real food! He still gets a chess table

7. and last week!

Robinson checked again his instructions. Soon he did it! When fishing only one point and playing chess still 5 points missing. He fishes and plays obsessively and on Sunday morning at 00: 39h, he has made it. „Hurray, I can go home!“

As Robinson looked up from his chessboard, the deep water was gone and his way home was free.

note: In the original text of the Challenge, there is a point system. I have left it for me away.