Gerade habe ich mit diesen zwei Sims auf der Insel angefangen. Am ersten Tag arbeiteten sie und beide sind glücklich – jetzt noch. Jack Island ist gerade aus dem Gefängnis gekommen und soll sich hier auf der Insel rehabilitieren. Peter Good ist sein Bewährungshelfer und ist hier, um Jack zu helfen.

    I’ve just started with these two sims on the island. On the first day they worked and both are happy – now. Jack Island has just come out of jail and is expected to rehabilitate here on the island. Peter Good is his probation officer and is here to help Jack.

2. Woche/week
Die sozialen Kontakte zwischen Jack und Peter liegen immer im roten Bereich. Sie verabscheuen sich gegenseitig.
Aber wir haben die Belohnungen Truhe und Yogamatte doch noch bekommen und auch die Fähigkeiten wurden gesteigert.

Ich bin neugierig, ob es in der dritten Woche zu einer Prügelei kommen wird.;)

    The social contacts between Jack and Peter are always in the red. They detest each other!
    But we got the rewards chest and yoga mat and also the skills were increased.
    I’m curious if it will come in the third week in a brawl. 😉

3. Woche/week

Drei Belohnungsobjekte (Dusche, Bett, Spiegel) in dieser Woche und Peter konnte endlich eine Toilette am Holztisch bauen. Das Leben kann so schön sein. 🙂

    Three rewards (shower, bed, mirror) this week and Peter was finally able to build a toilet on the workbench. Life can be so beautiful.

4. Woche/week

Viele neue Belohnungsobjekte gab es: Die Staffelei, den Schachtisch und eine Bar. Die Barhocker wurden schon lange auf der Werkbank gebaut. Den ersten Hocker, der wirklich nur aus Holz war, haben wir natürlich auch aufgestellt. Langeweile kommt nun nicht mehr auf. Wenigstens einer der beiden muss auf Level 5 der Mixhfähigkeit kommen, damit auch der Box-Sack benutzt werden kann um damit Level 5 der Fitness zu erreichen und dann gibt es endlich Herd und Kühlschrank mit der bereits verdienten Küchentheke.

    Many new reward items were there: The easel, the chess table and a bar, the bar stools were built on the workbench for a long time.. The first stool, which was really just made of wood, of course we have set. Boredom is now no longer on. At least one of the two must come on Level 5 of the Mixology Skill, so that the boxing bag can be used in order to achieve Level 5 of the fitness and then there is finally stove and fridge with already earned kitchen counter.

Wer ist euer Favorit? Peter oder Jack? – Who is your favorite? Peter or Jack?

Dank Peters Kochkunst habe wir jetzt einen Schachtisch! – Thanks Peters culinary skill we now have a chess table!

Überfällige Reinigungsarbeiten. Die Pfützen von drei Wochen müssen jetzt endlich weg. 😉

    Overdue cleaning. The puddles of three weeks has to go now. 😉

Es ist so friedlich heute. – It’s so peaceful today

Dieses Bild wird Peter sich an die Wand hängen, wenn er endlich wieder zu Hause ist.

    This image Peter will hang on the wall when he finally gets home.

„Lass dich nicht stören, Peter. Es schmeckt mir trotzdem.“ – „Don’t mind, Peter. I like my fish anyway.“

Peter hat eine weitere Belohnung erarbeitet. Eine Bar! Jetzt heißt es mixen üben.

    Peter has worked out another reward. A bar! Now it’s time to practice mixing.

    Für die Statistik – Documents

    5. Woche/week

    Jack steht gerne hinter der Bar und er mixt wie ein Weltmeister, um den Boxsack zu gewinnen.

    Was für eine wundervolle Nacht, um im Mondenschein zu malen.

    Jack hat es geschafft und kann nun seine Aggression am Boxsack auslassen. Auch winkt hier, bei Fitness Level 5 der Herd und ein Kühlschrank. Nie wieder Fisch! Dafür lohnt sich die Anstrengung.

    6. Woche/week

    Gleich am Sonntagmorgen in der 6. Woche hat Jack es geschafft. Er darf Herd und Kühlschrank holen. Damit sind auch die letzten Belohnungen errungen und es geht jetzt nur noch um Eines: Schach! Logik-Level 10 muss erreicht werden und zwar von Jack und Peter!
    Vom da an haben sie Tag und Nacht gespielt bis es am Freitag, morgens um 4:30 Uhr endlich so weit war. Peter hat als Letzter den Level 10 erreicht und sie dürfen beide die Insel verlassen. Ich glaube nicht, dass ihnen der Abschied voneinander schwer gefallen ist. 😉

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  1. Bravo ad Andrea Tornielli condivido in toto il tuo bellissimo articolo e il commento fatto al pasticcio del Messale Ambrosiano. E’ ora di dire basta a certi “scribi e farisei” che per andare appresso alle loro contorsioni mentali stanno distruggendo la liturgia ambrosiana e romana.don bernardo (di rito romano)

  2. Ann you will do great being a West Point mom and Blaise will do very well in West Point because of everything that you have taught him in life. He will reinforce what he has learned from you and the team sports growing up and translate those values to leading his troops. He will apply, even though everyone is a “team”, each individual has to do ther job or the team falls apart.

  3. Wow, I would have been livid! We’ve all met that lady (I think from now on I’ll use slazzle as well!) and of course wanted to punch her and teach her a thing or two. But you acted like a classy woman and laughed it off. Bravo!Not that I would have minded if you had punched her. She deserved it…Happy Friday!

  4. Wow! An hour on the track! That has to be some great mental callousing. I'm guessing you had to run in the same direction the entire time? Have you noticed any particular sense of strain on one side of the body versus the other? (PS. I finally figured out how to fix my computer settings….!!)

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  6. Yeah, I agree, too. I think this is something I take for granted about living here in southern Utah. I’ve been on the receiving end (my ward carried me when James committed suicide, truly unable to put it in words) and the giving (countless meals).We often tend to discount the food, but there’s something incredibly comforting about good food in a time of trial. Bbell, hallelujah that your nephew survived. Truly a miracle. Blessings on your dad. I find the older I get the more necessary it is to learn to adapt to life.

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  16. I did not check it every night, but I did see that thought toward the end of the game. I can see how that comment could be read as such but I was also never completely sure how he felt. I wish I knew MORE about how he saw everything (Catherine, Katherine, the pregnancy, marriage) in the game. I wanted a bigger window into his thoughts.

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  24. Mary – Your family is so fortunate to have you… tell us (me) more about them… when I see your incredible "perfect bites" I wonder how delighted they must be and how you do all that you do so perfectly – truly, so perfectly. A lighter chocolate cheesecake brownie is JUST what the doctor ordered – so I can have TWO pieces!Kidding!:)valerie

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  38. Well. I don’t know about the COLOUR/COLOR but am sure the baby will be emotionally very strong. I now you Deepti and I know how strong you are as a person and after watching the “kickstart” video I, now, know how supportive your hubby is. So I don’t know about the race but he/she will be a strong and a supportive person…… waiting for the “grey artist”

  39. incase anyone here isnt sure that greed was a key factor in the housing mess….i just came across a foeclosure where the original purchase in apr 05 was for $1 from a family member (looks like mother to son) and the house was foreclosed and bank owned by june 07. I hope the spending spree was worth the house?!?!?

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  41. I like that you write about women in the workplace. You’re the only one who (imo) writes anything that makes sense on the subject. Of course, I’m a woman who works outside the home, and I’ve had some similar experiences to yours.Unrelated: I was picked for a survey about Chase Bank. Apparently, they sponsored this post. Because I like supporting you, I took the survey (I don’t normally do this). It was a very strange survey. I hope that doesn’t become a norm for your site. (Or perhaps it is, and since I usually read via my Reader I just don’t see it.)

  42. Problems are mainly with Muslim immigrants.This probably refers to practical problems in the street, where this statement is patently true…Political Islam, however, is the force that prevents us from dealing effectively with most problems related to immigrants.

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  55. Daybreaker's right, of course, and that's the kind of thing I'm talking about. If people would stop packaging Jewish interests and Jewish arguments into their ideas, people like me would have less reason to respond. I'm compelled to respond when people inject Jewish propaganda into their posts or comments. Otherwise, unless I'm at a blog like this one, I tend not to bring up the JQ.

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